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BR Solutions Stands Out on Clutch as a Leading Media Buying Agency 2019

Mobile app development is a competitive industry, and it takes innovative strategies to ensure your app stands out from the crowd. We have those strategies here at BR Solutions, and we’re ready and willing to provide the best development services to our clients. Our technical professionals are committed to high-quality delivery. If you don’t believe us, take it from Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform. We joined Clutch’s platform so prospective buyers like you can gain a third-party perspective on our work.


Clutch’s mission is to supply prospective buyers with a platform of information for choosing a service provider. On their platform, companies are ranked according to social media presence, industry expertise, and former client projects. We’re proud to say we’ve been recognized amongst the best media buying companies in their 2019 research.


Clutch’s research goes even further: they interview our former client via telephone to hear an unfiltered view of our company’s work. The feedback so far has been amazing:

Read the full review on our Clutch profile. We enjoy serving our clients, so we’re glad to hear they love being served by us, too.


In addition, we have also been highlighted on Clutch’s sister websites, The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest is a resource that offers industry insights, how-to-guides, and recommendations of top service providers like us. Visual Objects is a portfolio website that showcases work from top creative firms around the world, allowing prospective buyers to view a digital portfolio of our past products. We qualified on their list of top branding companies.


We’re grateful to all those who have helped our company grow over the years, and we look forward to our continued growth in the new year. We are proud to be recognized as a top-notch app development company, and our inclusion on Clutch, The Manifest, and Visual Objects speaks to the quality of the work we provide. With these resources at your disposal, you can be confident in our superior services. Reach out to us, and we can transform your idea into an amazing app with the latest mobile technology.

How to select a company for mobile app development?

Whenever you need a mobile app for iOS, Android or Windows, you simply puts your query in Google and probably visit one of the link came in top three, but that’s not an ideal solutions. You can get there many options but finding the best application development agency or firm to work on your project can be tricky. There are lots of companies offering similar services, you need to make a choice who can deliver the quality and standard you have in your mind with quick turnaround.

You have to check number of things before opting services for mobile app development. What’s the development process they follow? How much experience they have working on similar things? Are they able to design the app UI as well? All of these are important considerations. You can check few points mentioned below before opting a mobile development company.

1. Check out the portfolios of service provider.

2. Is selected company developing app for web, ios, android, window etc. if not, may be you have to suffer. Therefore always select a place where all your requirement is get fulfilled.

3. Choose the company where easy and quick communication is possible.

4. The company must be capable for quality testing on actual devices for UI and UX.

5. Before making a choice you must read the client’s reviews and testimonials about the previous work done.

6. The company must be capable for timely delivery of your app with quality. So you may go to the Google app store, search the app which is already delivered to other clients and check the reviews about the app. It will give you lot of idea about the company work.

7. Check the company reviews on Google.

8. What is the development process they follow? You should know about the development process they follow because it is always better to follow a life cycle development process for any software/application:

            a. Listen, Ideate and Strategize

            b. Designs of the app screens.

            c. Development

            d. Quality Analysis

            e. Launch

            f. Measure and Optimize

There’s always room for further improvement and the key to an app’s success is regular updates. Be sure, the development company will help you to improve and update your app based on rankings in-app user data and feedback.

Short Way to check webservices from localhost in woocommerce

If you want to use webservice locally (localhost) without ‘auth 1.0’ then follow the below steps. If have any query please visit  http://www.brsolutions.in/Contactus.aspx


1. Go to the admin panel of your wordpress site in localhost

2. After login click on woocommerce menu and then on setting then go to API tab on top right.

3. when you got to api page, there is 3 option available settings, key/apps, webhooks. Now you have to choose keys/apps and then click on "add a key" button.


4. Put Key Details like description, select user, user permission.

5. Go to the phpmyadmin (http://localhost/phpmyadmin), select the database name from the left bar then select the table name wp_options (prefix wp_ may be changed in your case).

6. Go to the option_name = siteurl and change the option_value form http:// to https://

7. Now go to the home in option_name column and change the corresponding value form http:// to https:// for example if there is http://localhost/wpdemo1 then change it to https://localhost/wpdemo1.

Why select B.R. Solutions For iPhone App Development Services?

We, at B.R. Solutions, have vast expertise in developing iPhone applications that turn your business plan into a reality. we tend to build high ranking iPhone apps that square measure custom designed and interact target users. We take delight in providing excellent customer service. We are transparent and completely accountable with our clients, always striving to provide services that best meet your needs.We have developed iPhone apps for various industry worldwide.Company has been constantly making efforts to achieve a single goal, i.e to provide an end-to- end Mobile App Development Solutions followed by best Web Development Services to the potential clients who are looking out for quality and efficient services. Grabbing the opportunity of serving the customers since the beginning, B. R. Solutions has managed to provide a notch above the rest through its services with the backing of skilled developers. 

We have already developed iPhone applications in these categories:
  • Enterprise Application
  • iOS GPS, Location/POIs based Real Time Application
  • 2nd Gaming/ Iphone game development
  • Address Book based Applications
  • IOS In App Purchase, Integrating Push Notifications
  • Barcode/QRScanner based Apps
  • Finance/Banking Application
  • Using Calendar based Apps
  • Video/Audio Streaming Apps
  • Integration with Social Networking platforms(Facebook/Twitter)
  • Town/city guide/ Compass based Apps
  • Admob, iAd integrated Apps
  • High resolution retina ready designs
  • Easy and quick communication
  • Quality testing on actual idevices for ui and ux
  • Premium look for your app
  • Delivered to you as soon as possible

Please check some of our application :

How to increase your customer base ?

Do you know that a good website can increase your customer base? Website is the new marketing norm of the present world. Website must be eye catching, attractive and there is some reason so visitor could stay on your page. For a successful business, website is a primary requirement for everyone. After having a website, it should be promoted on Google search engine through SEO. Now customers find their needs either services or products on websites around the globe and ready to spend money online. It’s totally up to you grab or miss that millions of potential customers!

Types of website:

There are two type of website -

1. Static website : A static website is basic website built on html, css, javascript . It is useful for small sized business where website owner does not require to update website daily, weekly or monthly. Sometime if website owner want to change some content, design or images he/she must know at least basics of html & css.

2. Dynamic website: it is type of website where an admin panel usually called CMS(Content management system) included with the website. If you need to change or update the content as well as images and some time design of website then you can change the same with the help of admin panel. These days dynamic website is in trend and also it is easy to build and maintain.  A dynamic website can be in any coding language like php, .net, java etc.   

In my case I always prefer wordpress to build a dynamic website.  Wordpress it much easy to use and you can make customization according to your requirement.

Step by step process, how to build a website on wordpress :

  1. Go to the https://wordpress.org/download/ and download the latest version of wordpress setup.

        2Upload it to your server and unzip it and then move all files and folders from unzipped folder to main domain directory (public_html folder). Then go to the url of your domain.  A screen will appear having the option to choose the language. Here you can choose your preferred language then click on ‘continue’  button.

3. A welcome screen will appear when you click on continue button where you can read some information regarding database. Read it and click on let’s go button.

4. After that a screen will appear where you can enter the database details like database name, database user name, password, database host, table prefix.  By default in table prefix option there is wp_ already filled but If you want to run multiple wordpress installation in a single database then change it. After filling all the fields make sure you have created database with the details you have enter here then click on submit button.  

5. After submission of all the database details you will go to the a new screen, where you have to click on ‘Run the install’ to start the creation of required table in your database.  Now wordpress communicate with your database.

6. Now a welcome page will open where you can submit your website title, admin username, password, email id and search engine visibility. If your website is in development phase you can choose the option that is ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’ .  Now click on ‘install wordpress’ button.

7. After successful installation you have an option to login in admin panel now you could login with the detail you have already created in previous step.  After login you can choose the theme already installed with wordpress setup or you can install your own theme free or premium as you like . To change or activate  the theme,  go to appearance=>themes. There is 3 themes available, choose one of theme and activate it. After activation you can customize that theme.  Now you can go to your domain name to check the design of the website. There will no content on the page so go to admin panel and click on page or blog option in left sidebar and create a new one and save it. This is automatically appear on you website .

If your need any help! your are free to contact us at http://www.brsolutions.in/Contactus.aspx . At B.R. Solutions, we offer world-class web services for web design and development, SEO, SMO, SEM. Also, We provide services in Mobile apps development like iPhone, android, window phone, blackberry app.