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Short Way to check webservices from localhost in woocommerce

If you want to use webservice locally (localhost) without ‘auth 1.0’ then follow the below steps. If have any query please visit  http://www.brsolutions.in/Contactus.aspx


1. Go to the admin panel of your wordpress site in localhost

2. After login click on woocommerce menu and then on setting then go to API tab on top right.

3. when you got to api page, there is 3 option available settings, key/apps, webhooks. Now you have to choose keys/apps and then click on "add a key" button.


4. Put Key Details like description, select user, user permission.

5. Go to the phpmyadmin (http://localhost/phpmyadmin), select the database name from the left bar then select the table name wp_options (prefix wp_ may be changed in your case).

6. Go to the option_name = siteurl and change the option_value form http:// to https://

7. Now go to the home in option_name column and change the corresponding value form http:// to https:// for example if there is http://localhost/wpdemo1 then change it to https://localhost/wpdemo1.