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How to increase your customer base ?

Do you know that a good website can increase your customer base? Website is the new marketing norm of the present world. Website must be eye catching, attractive and there is some reason so visitor could stay on your page. For a successful business, website is a primary requirement for everyone. After having a website, it should be promoted on Google search engine through SEO. Now customers find their needs either services or products on websites around the globe and ready to spend money online. It’s totally up to you grab or miss that millions of potential customers!

Types of website:

There are two type of website -

1. Static website : A static website is basic website built on html, css, javascript . It is useful for small sized business where website owner does not require to update website daily, weekly or monthly. Sometime if website owner want to change some content, design or images he/she must know at least basics of html & css.

2. Dynamic website: it is type of website where an admin panel usually called CMS(Content management system) included with the website. If you need to change or update the content as well as images and some time design of website then you can change the same with the help of admin panel. These days dynamic website is in trend and also it is easy to build and maintain.  A dynamic website can be in any coding language like php, .net, java etc.   

In my case I always prefer wordpress to build a dynamic website.  Wordpress it much easy to use and you can make customization according to your requirement.

Step by step process, how to build a website on wordpress :

  1. Go to the https://wordpress.org/download/ and download the latest version of wordpress setup.

        2Upload it to your server and unzip it and then move all files and folders from unzipped folder to main domain directory (public_html folder). Then go to the url of your domain.  A screen will appear having the option to choose the language. Here you can choose your preferred language then click on ‘continue’  button.

3. A welcome screen will appear when you click on continue button where you can read some information regarding database. Read it and click on let’s go button.

4. After that a screen will appear where you can enter the database details like database name, database user name, password, database host, table prefix.  By default in table prefix option there is wp_ already filled but If you want to run multiple wordpress installation in a single database then change it. After filling all the fields make sure you have created database with the details you have enter here then click on submit button.  

5. After submission of all the database details you will go to the a new screen, where you have to click on ‘Run the install’ to start the creation of required table in your database.  Now wordpress communicate with your database.

6. Now a welcome page will open where you can submit your website title, admin username, password, email id and search engine visibility. If your website is in development phase you can choose the option that is ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’ .  Now click on ‘install wordpress’ button.

7. After successful installation you have an option to login in admin panel now you could login with the detail you have already created in previous step.  After login you can choose the theme already installed with wordpress setup or you can install your own theme free or premium as you like . To change or activate  the theme,  go to appearance=>themes. There is 3 themes available, choose one of theme and activate it. After activation you can customize that theme.  Now you can go to your domain name to check the design of the website. There will no content on the page so go to admin panel and click on page or blog option in left sidebar and create a new one and save it. This is automatically appear on you website .

If your need any help! your are free to contact us at http://www.brsolutions.in/Contactus.aspx . At B.R. Solutions, we offer world-class web services for web design and development, SEO, SMO, SEM. Also, We provide services in Mobile apps development like iPhone, android, window phone, blackberry app.