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Five things matters in SEO

There is no. of things which are small but very important in SEO:-

1. Domain life: Domain life is very important. A domain life should be more than 2 years. It puts a positive impact on google, if you buy your domain for more than 2 years.

2. Server Response time: Your web server where your website is hosted should be uptime and well maintained so your website could not be down for a while. IP address of a server also affects your website e.g. if your website is hosted on a shared hosting where many other website hosted, IP address of the all shared website would be same. In shared hosting if any website will do any illegal thing google will black list that IP address who is hosting that website and in this case your website will also get affected (due to same IP address). So, if your website is hosted on VPS or dedicated server then this kind of problem will not bother you.   

3. SEO Friendly URL: A web site should have SEO friendly. URL should like www.example.com/mobile-app-development/  not like www.example.com/page=home?id=10 etc. So, for a better SEO make the entire link small and informative. URL should be related to content on the page e.g. if your page is about iphone app development then URL should be domain name/iphone-app-development not like domain name android-app-development.

4. Targeting Keyword: Targeting keyword should be in title of webpage as well as in meta keyword, met description and content of the page should contain at least one or two times of that targeting keyword but not more than 3 times.

5.  Image  Optimization : Image make a website good looking so we can’t avoid it but it should be light in weight because heavy images increase the loading time of your web page which is not good from SEO point of view. Image container size should be predefined e. g. <img src=”” width=”200px” height=”200px” alt=”mobile app design”> so it not disturb the design of web page. Use of alternate tag to describe the image. If your image take some time in loading mean while the user can understand which image is about to load with the help of alt tag.